Work Ribs Holland (WRH) is a high quality manufacturer of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats or RIB Boats.

To make it easy for our customer/business-partner to always choose the right work rib and to keep the boats as attractively prized as possible, we divided the RIB market into four sections.

The best performing sea-going hull.

Work Ribs Holland produces the best performing sea-going hull available in the market today. Decades of experience in the Dutch offshore industry contributed to the craftsmanship we exhibit today in our designs. In designing these boats we cooperate closely with our customers in order to produce a boat that meet the specific needs of the customer. Transparancy in pricing, quality, our high service level and after sales have pushed us to a market leader in the industry today.

The video below just visualizes the above promise. These Ribs were recently handed over to the Dutch Coast Guard after successful sea trials.

Address Het Nieuwe Werk 40 Postal code 1781 AL Den Helder, The Netherlands Email Phone +31 (0)223 694 931